Official government Green Card (Diversity Visa) Lottery program.



Last updated: 2014, March 8

What is Green Card Chto takoye Green Card
Our Service Nash Service
FAQ Voprosi Otveti
Apply for Green Card Zapolnit Anketu
Payment Oplata
Photo Requirements Foto recomendatsii
Contact Us Napisite nam
Video Guide Russian Video Guide
Terms and Conditions 1 year single payment russian
Privacy Policy 2 years single payment russian
The Law 3 years single payment russian
1 year single payment 5 years single payment russian
2 years single payment Do pobedi single payment russian
3 years single payment 1 year family payment russian
5 years single payment 2 years family payment russian
Untill win single payment 3 years family payment russian
1 year family payment 5 years family payment russian
2 years family payment Do pobedi family payment russian
3 years family payment  
5 years family payment  
Untill win family payment  
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Green Card nedir What is Green Card Arabic
Servisimiz Our Service Arabic
Soru Cevap FAQ Arabic
Basvur Simdi Application Form Arabic
Odeme Payment Arabic
Fotograf Ozellikleri Photo Requirements Arabic
Iletisim Contact Us Arabic
1 senelik odeme 1 year single payment arabic
2 senelik odeme 2 years single payment arabic
3 senelik odeme 3 years single payment arabic
5 senelik odeme 5 years single payment arabic
KazananaKadar odeme Untill win single payment arabic
1senelik Aile odemesi 1 year family payment arabic
2 senelik Aile odemesi 2 years family payment arabic
3 senelik Aile odemesi 3 years family payment arabic
5 senelik Aile odemesi 5 years family payment arabic
Kazanana Kadar Aile odemesi Untill win family payment arabic

What is Green Card Spanish What is GreenCard French
Our Service Spanish Our Service French
FAQ Spanish FAQ French
Apply for Green Card Spanish Application form French
Payment Spanish Payment French
Photo Requirements Spanish Photo Requirements French
Contact Us Spanish Contact Us French
Video Guide Spanish Video Guide French
1 year single payment Spanish  
2 years single payment Spanish  
3 years single payment Spanish  
5 years single payment Spanish  
Untill win single payment Spanish  
1 year family payment Spanish  
2 years family payment Spanish  
3 years family payment Spanish  
5 years family payment Spanish  
Untill win family payment Spanish  
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win-usa-green-card is a non-government organization that provides payable consultancy service for people who want
to get professional help to participate in and not to be disqualified from the Official U.S. Green Card Lottery program.
The official site accepts applications for free but without help, consultancy or support.

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